IAS offers 8 main services with help of effective team of skillful avionics , competent aerospace engineers and dedicated support groups.

Training Solutions & Documentation

IAS fulfills practical training requirements and provide effective practical training to newly inducted engineering trainees after their theoretical training sessions,on the aircraft and equipments to satisfy practical training requirements and verifiable experience,certified by practical assessors ,in the practical logbooks maintained by trainees. We offer EASA(European Aviation Safety Agency) and FAA(Federal Aviation Administration)based Aviation courses to meet certification requirements of an aircraft maintenance engineer and certified mechanic Highly skilled Engineers and certified mechanics impart this practical knowledge to newly inducted engineering trainees who have completed their theoretical training in class rooms.

Maintenance & Heavy checks

IAS understands that your aircraft should be airworthy and all maintenance work carried out in a manner acceptable to the airworthiness authority of the country and the aircraft manufacturer. With the help of our experienced and certified engineers and expertise we ensure compliance to the best of our abilities. We provide flexible maintenance solutions that helps to optimise utilisation and reduce maintenance cost.

MRO’s Startup Solutions

All startup MRO’s, need experience and expertise to carry out inspections and maintenance on aircraft. IAS provide them setups,tools and equipment along with expertise to carry out inspections and maintenance on aircraft.

Startup Airlines

IAS professional team helps in projects of new airlines startup,with selection of right aircraft and size to meet their timetables. Airline consolidation and startup projects having cost effective plans ,help our clients to starting up new projects.

Ground Handling & Supports equipment

We facilitate different airlines with their selection of ground equipment, including GPU’s(ground power units) ACU’s(air conditioning units)GMC’s(ground moving cargo equipment)Towing Tugs,tractors and trolleys etc. We provide customise service capabilities to airlines as package .

New & Old Aircraft Sales & Purchase

We Provide facility to purchase best old and new aircraft for your airlines. IAS working with collaboration of Authorized and Legal option holder representative of air bus, Boeing & UN qualified Suppliers.


IAS will also be providing auditing leasing and negotiating services to the clients.


Develop organization according to EC.1321 amended (EC) No 2042/2003 on the continuing airworthiness of Aircraft, Aeronautical products, parts, Appliances, Approval of personnel and Organizations.


Providing all documentation , certification and approvals of EASA with the help of certified EASA Liscence. Preparing ARA, ORA, DEF, ARO,ORO,CAT, SPA,NCC, NCO, SPO